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Steve Warner: Music

Make A Wish

(Steve Warner)
February 25, 2013
Steve Warner


It’s peaceful here under this trestle
Except for the rumble of a long freight train I wish I were on it...going somewhere Instead of nowhere where remain

Here comes Gomez with a candle
He hands me a dirty old burlap sack
He said it’s a gift for you my friend
A little something that a hobo shouldn’t lack


Happy birthday...blow out this candle
Make a wish...make one for me too
When you bed down tonight and gaze up at the stars Make a wish that wishes can come true

We passed the bottle and traded stories Of how the twisted road let us down again We drank to a new day, stoked up the fire But our desire was fueled by the gin

I reached in that sack, pulled out a Bible And another bottle for us to share Gomez said keep the faith bro...
Ya know it wouldn’t hurt to say a prayer

REPEAT CHORUS 2012 Steve Warner